Looking back at Amaze part 1

I was hoping to write about Amaze as each day went by, but unfortunately that was simply not possible: there was simply an energy at the festival that would keep you going far longer than one should have kept going, I think it was by some miracle that I managed to drive home and make it to my bed — I was extremely tempted to simply sleep in my car on Saturday night, but then it was 4:30am. And I had just got home from playing ninja on the streets of Braamfontein; well I wasn’t playing ninja myself as opposed to getting Rami to do some really weird thing. But hey it was all a load of fun and urge sooooo much to write about. Continue reading

Amaze Day 0

So today was the first day of Amaze, and by first day I mean that there were some speeches, and then a party. Hence the day 0 as opposed to 1, because right now I am too tired to make a programmer joke.

So how was Amaze? Well I kinda missed the whole intro speeches thing. We were demo-testing zX at one of the studios, and got some good feedback for improving the starting experience of the game. After this I decided to head to  Amaze, the thought of leaving and getting there earlier did cross my mind quite a few times. But I couldn’t work out a reason why I should do that. Watching people play your game and can give you critical feedback is a rather rare thing, or at least it is when you live in Johannesburg.

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A MAZE Jo’burg 2013

It’s always fun going to a game dev event.

And this time I don’t even have to travel across the planet.

So A Maze Jo’burg is in 3 days and I must say I am rather looking forward to it. I don’t get the chance to see the devs from Cape Town often enough and quite a few of them are going to be up here, which is absolutely great! And as a super plus there are a bunch of really cool international devs and journalists that are going to be at A Maze. I am really looking forward to seeing Rami and Sos again.

Unfortunately we won’t be showing zX off at A Maze, but if you find me I should have a laptop attached to my back and you can play it on that. Alternatively you can download it and not make me carry my heavy ass laptop around!