Amaze Day 0

So today was the first day of Amaze, and by first day I mean that there were some speeches, and then a party. Hence the day 0 as opposed to 1, because right now I am too tired to make a programmer joke.

So how was Amaze? Well I kinda missed the whole intro speeches thing. We were demo-testing zX at one of the studios, and got some good feedback for improving the starting experience of the game. After this I decided to head to  Amaze, the thought of leaving and getting there earlier did cross my mind quite a few times. But I couldn’t work out a reason why I should do that. Watching people play your game and can give you critical feedback is a rather rare thing, or at least it is when you live in Johannesburg.

Turns out Amaze had a little trick for me for not being there on time: I wasn’t on the list. Now I have to question why there is a list in the first place? Are people so clamouring to get into Amaze that those not welcome need to be cordoned off. I suppose this feeds into my general view of Amaze just being in the wrong city: Since all the people from Cape Town (speakers and presenters) were in attendance since their reason for being here is to give talk and such, but those who live and work in the city? Nope. Well unless you are at the university that organizes the event. I am happy that this might be a simple oversight; I’ve organized conventions I know how crazy and stressful things can get before and during an event. But I still have to question why this was even a thing to be begin with. What if some new hopeful excited young dev comes to Amaze hoping to learn about the industry only to be told they are not on the list. Walking away dejected from an event that seems likely to be great simply because of an oversight. Gaming event like this have helped me massively with what I do and it would be a shame if that were to happen to someone.

Ok so how was the stuff I did go to? Well I can’t really say much of the events itself since all there was was going to a pub, or club I’m not sure which it was I barely leave the house. Also clubs to me are all the same a place that plays music far too loud, and that I don’t like. So if I want to have a conversation it requires standing outside the venue so that you can actually speak. And speak we did, if I can say nothing else for Amaze it is that it has brought some of the best that we have in South Africa together with a sprinkling of the people for around the world. Though the Cape Town scene seems to be growing at such a rate that there might be many people that I am missing but it is great to see Evan from Freelives and Danny from QCF Design again. I also met Ruan from Freelives, Chris from IndieStatik as well as two gentlemen named Richard, and various other people whose names I cannot remember I hope they don’t mind too much: I am utterly terrible with names: I can’t even remember my own most of the time.

So in short Amaze is filled with many great people, and from most of the Jo’burg developers there is quite the bit (and by that I mean a fuckton) of excitement for the keynote address by Rami. Quite a few are coming just on Saturday, thought that might have something to do with have to work on Friday, but I am sure that the presence of Rami has turned what might a been a well might into a yes. So I can almost guarantee that Amaze will be great just because of the people that will be there. Either way it is about 6 hours until I need to wake up so enough ramblings from me good night, and I shall hopefully write something about tomorrow.

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