2013 In Retrospect


So in some kind of effort to blag-more I decided to take a brief look back at 2013.

So what was 2013 to me. Well it’s like the header image up there: kinda blurry, weird perspective, but overall I still like it. That stems from 2013 being a pretty ‘OK’ year. There was some great progress with zX, and I am really happy about that. But otherwise, nothing really panned out how I wanted it to.

  • Games: I didn’t finish a single new prototype. Time for 1GAM.
  • Academics: Good enough, but in the sense that “Really that’s your effort, well I suppose it’s good enough. . .”
  • Personal life: I actually left the house this year. That counts for something.
  • Health: Following 2012 it kinda could only get better, and it did so Health gets a B.
  • Learning: Not enough outside of academia, December got like 1/3 of what I wanted done.
  • Arts: Not enough music, not enough writing, but I started drawing so yay?
  • Consistent work: see paragraph below.

Consistent work get’s its own paragraph since it was one of the rather interesting things I learnt about myself this year. I’m really love learning new things, and I’m rather comfortable with failure; actually I find success somewhat weird. But we showed zX at an expo this year, and building up to it I put some insane hours into the game: two weeks of really solid crunch. I was sleeping about 5 hours a day, and spending the rest trying to get the game show worthy, or helping organize the booth in which it would be shown.

As stressful as the crunch was it wasn’t nearly as bad as the depression after the show. I felt so empty there was a lack of the hyper focus on a singular goal to drive me. Even though I was completely exhausted at the show and functioning at about 30% capacity, if that, and couldn’t wait for it to be over. The next two weeks were just crushing and aimless.

2013 was one of those intermediate years of striving for something better. And 2014 is the year for kicking ass and chewing bubble gum, and I am all out of gum 😉

So major points for 2014 better scheduling for more work. Work == happiness.

I hope Rami doesn’t mind that I am taking his line for this but I feel it just works.

Lets rock 2014, and lets make games.