YouTube and Copyright


We all love YouTube, well most of the time, they’re latest policy changes make us not like them that much. But as a game developer we love YouTubers <3 so lets make their lives a bit easier!

Seriously those guys are all sorts of win. With working on zX we have seen the value that they can provide to a developer. We have gotten more votes on Greenlight from YouTubers then press sites. I do say this with the slight sadness that videos are seeming to usurp the power of the written word, but then I was supposed to write this post some two hours ago, but I ended up watching YouTube.

As great as the written words is: seeing your game be played is utterly invaluable. I tried to summarize Evan Greenwood’s excellent talk at Amaze JHB this year. There is immense value in these videos! And I really like watching them. So with the recent copyright issues that have been going around I thought it would be appropriate to create a little page outlining permissions for YouTubers so that they won’t have to deal with these pain in the ass copyright claims. They are doing really great things for gaming and games in general. And I think we owe it to them to make it as easy as we can for them to promote games!

So the ‘policy’ which I wrote up can be found here but I’ll paste them here and open the comments so that they can possibly be refined into a general case license to put on our sites/games so that people needn’t worry about creating videos with our games

The following allows YouTubers or other creators of: lets plays, video reviews, video critiques, video streams, or any other such content:

1: To record footage of the game, or use any trailers in their videos

2: Explicit permission to create videos using our games, and to monetize them.

3: Explicit permission to use the music and audio from the game for these videos. This may be excluded by point 4.

4: If a game has licensed audio that you may not use we shall take appropriate notice that you shouldn’t use it in your video. (Fortunately we make our own music so this shouldn’t have to be a worry)

5: You have permission to use the game music on its own in these videos. If you want any specific tracks you can email us.

6: Use of game assets or related material for the purpose of thumbnails or other videos promotional needs.


Small edit: I’ve turned the comments off for now, too much spam.

57 thoughts on “YouTube and Copyright

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