GMInput Early Alpha


Sooo I have to say I wasn’t really expecting this to be out there so soon. But then I saw @joonturbo tweeting about if we have ever made tools for our team. And these days that kinda feels like most of what I do. Make tools. It often feels like I don’t really make games anymore, just the tools that make them work.

So I’m rather happy to announce the early arrival of my GMInput tools. Fortunately I had always been planning on releasing it as an opensource project, and the system itself is feature complete! I started developing this because I wanted an elegant system to handle users changing their input setting, and while I was at it I decided to see if I could replicate Unity’s Input.GetButton("up") type of system in Game Maker: Studio. I did you call it in GMInput by going input_get_button("up")

One of my favorite things about GMInput is that it works with both keyboard and controller inputs 😀

I’m going to be writing more about the tech begin GMInput at a later stage, but for now I have to make another tool to get this all playing nicely.



And now for that part that isn’t done, but it’s actually nothing internal in GMInput! But still really cool GM stuff what I wish I had ready to submit for my talk proposal :< guess I'll show them the other stuff from when I 'hacked' the .gmx files in GM. And now back to your regular technical programming. Game Maker: Studio has no means of importing the assets and structure of one GM project into another. This is kinda important for GMInput as it uses quite a lot of scripts as it replaces the basic key_board_check functions and I wanted keep the general functions in line; this means that there are a lot of functions. In addition to the programmer functions there are quite a few back-end functions that I use which are tucked away and don't ever need to be looked at for those who just want to work with the system and would cause a mess and frustration for those trying to get GMInput setup and working. The additional benefit is that this import system will work will all GM projects and not just GMInput. So that will be done in a week or so 🙂

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