Whisper Kiss and the Quest for Ice Cream


GDC is weird you could probably just fly to SF hang around with people never go to talk and have one of the best GDC experiences that you can.

So while GDC itself has yet to begin I have to kinda write this down because to me this one of those things that just make GDC great. So I met up with Harry Lee, Alan Hazelden, Michael Brough, and quite a few other people (sorry guys I suck with names :< ) and we went to the Yeba Buena park to play games that we pretty much just made up on the spot. And dash Harry’s hope of a physical card based game that he made.

This was fun and we somehow managed to not play ninja. Though we did invent samurai which is ninja’s faaaar weirder cousin. Which makes no sense, but he we had fun!

So after much tom foolery in the park (and me slipping on wet grass and kinda busting my knee) we ventured off to meet some people that Harry had be tweeting with for Ice Cream, mmmmmm Ice Cream.

And so we walked the epic 30 blocks or so for the Ice Cream. Insert the Whisper Kiss. We had walked through the tenderloins and emerged on the other side. We saw a couple (who we like to believe had just had their first date) standing outside an apartment. And someone (to the best that I recall it was Harry) whispered Kiss. Then the next person started whispering and the next. The whisper swelled and grew to a chant. They Kissed! And we cheered. It is nice to think that a relationship might blossom because a bunch of nerds decided to whisper kiss.

So eventually we arrived at the icecream place. And this was actual old skool ice cream :3 it was REALLY good it left this sublime texture in your mouth. I went with a mint one and have you ever tasted ice cream with actual mint? No? I have it is kinda weird but rather wonderful.

20 thoughts on “Whisper Kiss and the Quest for Ice Cream

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