GGJ 2014


So GGJ2014 was over a week ago. And thoughts, ye I should probably write those down before they are forgotten into the abyss of the nether.

So how best would I describe GGJ2014? Disappointing. Ye, can’t really think of anything besides that to call it. I guess I was a victim of my own expectations. I wanted to jam on a game and make something cool. Though I just felt isolated or a hinderance when I wasn’t. In the end I churned out a game in what must have been about 2-3 hours of actual work on Sunday. I can’t say that I’m actually disappointed with the game. It did exactly what I set out to do, and post jam I have some stuff that I want to do kinda expand on the concept, and see what I can do if I put some more time into it and not. So ye if you want to try out a little weird game give Demon Hunter a go.

So why was the jam disappointing. Well everyone was really using Unity, or I kinda just thought there. There were 4 game maker games to come out of the jam. But there wasn’t really a point where there was some kind of of hey everyone what do you actually do, and what do you do? People were kinda just left to their own devices. This meant that people naturally formed around people they knew. When I did the GGJ two years ago it felt like more of a mix: we would hang out and get to know each other, anyone I knew after the jam I kinda already knew before the jam.

But again this is quite possibly my own misguided hopes of what I thought would come out of the jam. But I feel like things could have been organized better so people would mingle before they went off for food. Because after you have gone and eaten and discussed ideas: things are kinda set in stone.

I wish I had something more substantial to say, but I think a piece that is insubstantial is fitting to my feelings of GGJ this year.