A MAZE Jo’burg 2013

It’s always fun going to a game dev event.

And this time I don’t even have to travel across the planet.

So A Maze Jo’burg is in 3 days and I must say I am rather looking forward to it. I don’t get the chance to see the devs from Cape Town often enough and quite a few of them are going to be up here, which is absolutely great! And as a super plus there are a bunch of really cool international devs and journalists that are going to be at A Maze. I am really looking forward to seeing Rami and Sos again.

Unfortunately we won’t be showing zX off at A Maze, but if you find me I should have a laptop attached to my back and you can play it on that. Alternatively you can download it and not make me carry my heavy ass laptop around!

The Site Is Live

Well the site is actually alive!

This makes me very happy, but on the other hand I am not that fond of the current layout, or anything really. Suppose it’s time to bunker down and get into some web-dev stuff: so don’t expect the site to stay the same for very long. but on the bright side the zX page is now on the internet again. I think I’ll be working on that part of the site before I get back to this one.